MISSION: We entertain, inspire, and empower with innovative productions that celebrate the LGBTQ community.

VISION: To be a recognized leader of award winning content while becoming catalysts of change in the world around us.


Celebration is an award winning theatre company dedicate to telling the stories of the LGBT community. The theater was founded in 1982 by gay rights pioneer, Charles Rowland, one of the original founders of the Mattachine Society. The theatre started out in a storefront in Silverlake, Los Angeles, CA before moving to Hollywood where it lived for 21 years before leaving that space in the summer of 2013. 



Because our establishment by gay rights pioneer and Mattachine Society co-founder Chuck Rowland demands it, the principles of cultural equity and inclusion are paramount in our mission to create impactful theatre by, about and for our unique community and its allies.
But because of who we are and all that we represent to so many, we refuse to simply play Follow the Leader and pay lip service to the notions of cultural equity and inclusion. We have to be a firebrand, an early and often practitioner in creating opportunities that defy traditional programming, casting, hiring and audience development practices.
Hence, our policy of Radical Inclusivity. To celebrate the individual and embrace the All. All races, ethnicities, national origins, genders, sexual identities + orientations, ages, religions, classes and disabilities. All working together to make theatre a transformative experience for both the makers and the audience.

Because, if not us, then who?